Undying Love

Undying love
Is what I have for you
Like the skies above
It shall stay pure and true

How much you mean to me
How much I care for you
My heart has kept it all
And years have passed along

It just keeps growing strong

Remembering the days of our young lives
Smiling at the seasons that have passed
Hoping to return to those sweet, old times
Crying over what will not come back

Undying love
I still have in my heart
Though we’ve been apart
One thing stayed pure and true

And that’s my love for you

[I've written this so many years ago. I just know I have a True Love somewhere. I feel that kind of love lurking somewhere in the universe. This is also a song at the same time. After writing the poem, I applied melody to it after a few weeks.]


Life in the Philippines said...

Very impactful more so as you put it with that particular photo:)

Chim's World of Literature said...

i can relate to this feelin...losing your first love and they with another...
amazing words of love..

Jade Martin said...

Thank you for sharing your views with me.