To Someone Dear

You're so lovely
There's deepness in your eyes
Shade of beauty
There in your heart it lies

That warm sweet smile 
Gives me great happiness
With just a smile
Everything seems endless

A voice so nice
That takes away sadness
Warm looking eyes
They fill me with gladness

Can we please talk
Can we be together
Every short walk
Could mean like forever

My thoughts of you
Will always be tender
Precious mem'ries
I'll always remember

Someone so dear
That's what you'll always be
Wish you were here
Share sweet moments with me

A special part
That's meant only for you
Here in my heart
I'll keep a lifetime through

[I've written hundreds of poems when I was still a teenager. However, I lost the notebook where I had written them. When I've decided to try writing poems again after so many years, this became my first...a practice poem to awaken the poet in me.]


Nick said...

Nice poem

Chim's World of Literature said...

very nice poem...

Jade Martin said...

Many thanks. I am happy that you liked it.