Carl always finds himself going back to that former field where he and his childhood friend, Debbie, used to play a lot when they were still kids until they were in high school. He goes there almost everyday to reminisce those happy days when she and he would run in the field barefooted reveling like there's no tomorrow. 

Before she left to study college abroad, they went back to the field to play one last time but were dismayed to find out that the field is being developed into a subdivision. The grassy land is no more and was instead replaced by a still wet cement. They both decided to walk barefooted on it to leave marks of their soles, which they successfully did without being caught by anyone.

When Debbie left, Carl was so downhearted. He felt like he lost a very important part of his life. It was only then that he realized how much in love he is with his childhood friend. He missed her everyday and kept the hope that they will be together again one day. He wrote a lot of love notes for her that he did not intend to send. He kept those love notes in his closet like how he kept his feelings for her. Maybe one day, when the time is right, he will personally hand those to her, particularly, when he's got enough courage to let her know how he really feels about her. His longing to see her again grows stronger each day, until he received a phone call from her that she has already finished college and is coming home soon. That's the happiest news he's ever heard in years. 

Though she never gave him the assurance when the long awaited come back will be, to know that she will be with him again soon is more than enough to inspire him to keep going each day.

In his heart he felt a promise of love that was not given the chance to blossom before but is coming to be. He started making different bottled decors that he plans to give her as presents when she arrives.

In all hope and excitement, he went to the former field where the beautiful memories of their younger years were embedded. He silently laughed when he saw their footsteps on the pavement, he took off his shoes and started walking barefooted while stepping on his own footmarks, pretending that Debbie is walking with him hand in hand like they used to. As the soles of his feet felt the ground under him in every step he took and not caring if other people saw what he's doing, he imagined himself professing his love for her there while murmuring to himself, "I promise, when you're here with me again, we will always walk together in every step of the way."